Sunday 15th November

This week is the Second Sunday before Advent.  We don’t have a Zoom service this week, but below are a number of resources which are available from the Church of England and the Diocese.  Next week is the feast of Christ the King, and we will be together on Zoom again.  I hope you are all managing during this second lockdown.  If anyone needs anything at all, please just contact me or one of the ministry team. 

The notice sheet for this week is here along with a short reflection on the Gospel reading.

The service from the Church of England this week is led by Bishop Anthony Poggo, the service includes a sermon from Sheran Harper, President of the Mother’s Union, and reflects on how communities in different parts of the world support one another in both good and hard times.

We are invited to join in celebrating friendships that cross continents, with this online service from the Anglican Communion.

You can find this service here

From the Diocese of Norwich there is the weekly Sunday Hope podcast prepared by the Cathedral which you can listen to here

Don’t forget that you can also now access the podcast by phone on 01603 537577 (local rate), which might be useful if you share these resources with those who don’t have internet access.

There is also of course the morning service at 08.10 on Radio 4, and Songs of Praise at 13.15 on BBC One.

I hope something here will work for you.  We look forward to meeting next week, and information about the Zoom service will come out towards the weekend.

Love, prayers and blessings to you all,


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