Sunday 7th February

Here are the online resources available from the Church of England, the Diocese and the Cathedral this week.

From the Church of England we have the national service, this week led by Rev Liz Clutterbuck.
From Emmanuel Holloway Church, the full service marks the Second Sunday before Lent.

You can find that here

From the Diocese we have the Sunday Hope podcast, produced by the Cathedral, which you can find here

The Cathedral is also live streaming its main Sunday service, and you can find that here

BBC One has Songs of Praise at 13.15 while Radio 4 has Sunday Worship at 08.10

Next Sunday is our Zoom service. If you aren’t on the email list for the details but would like to join in, just email Liz You would be very welcome.

The news sheet, also containing the readings for this Sunday, is available for download here

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