Sunday 18th April

Dear All,

I look forward to seeing many of you at Wroxham this week at 10am for our service of Holy Communion, but I’m aware that there may still be some who don’t yet feel ready to return to ‘live’ worship, so for a few more weeks I’m continuing to outline the online provisions still available.

From the Church of England there is a service of remembrance and prayer for the Duke of Edinburgh, led by the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, from Bishopsthorpe Chapel.

From the Diocese there should be the Sunday Hope podcast, which is found here

From the Cathedral there is the usual livestream of their 10.30am service and you can find that here You can of course also watch it later on.

BBC One has Songs of Praise at 13.15.  This week the comedian Frank Skinner reflects on his relationship with God.

Radio Four has Sunday Worship at 08.10

Next week our service will be at 10.00am at Hoveton St John.

This week’s news sheet is here

Easter Day resources

For Easter Day we are back in church, and there is also a Zoom service available at 12 noon. If you would like the details for that, please ring Liz on 01603 784150

There is much on offer this week from the wider church.

From the national church we have a service led by the Archbishop of Canterbury.  There isn’t the same obvious link this week, but you should be able to find it by looking here

From the Diocese we have the Sunday Hope podcast, produced by the Cathedral here

Also from the Cathedral we have the livestream of their Festal Eucharist of Easter Day at which Bishop Graham will preach.  That service is on YouTube and will go live at 10.30am.  You can find that here

The cathedral also have Choral Evensong available on YouTube tomorrow, with the Dean preaching, and available from 3.30pm here

BBC One has Sunday Worship at 10am with the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Songs of Praise at 13.15

Radio Four has Sunday Worship at 08.10 with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I’m not quite sure how the Archbishop is doing all of those services, but I suspect there might be some pre-recording involved!

I look forward to seeing some of you at 10am at Wroxham tomorrow, and others at 12pm on Zoom.  Whether you will be at one of those, or choose to worship from home some other way, I hope the day brings Easter blessings to you all.

With my love and prayers for Easter to you and yours,

Liz x

The news sheet for this week is here